Classes update

Hello, the world is on hold! but yoga classes are not, they have moved online. 

However I completely understand that the thought of an online class or the technology for an online class might frighten you, it did me! So I do understand but I wholehearted believe that Yoga keeps us strong and healthy both mentally and physically. I personally experience this on a daily basis and have built up this experience over the last 25 years.  I am absolutely committed to the practice and what I know it can do for us all with this commitment.   The practice of Yoga teaches us to try and live in the present moment. Try and remember that now, it’s not easy but neither is virabhadrasana III and I’ve seen you all do that. 

As you know I have hundreds of yoga drawings to inspire you to practice, if you cannot access them here, I will gladly email or whats app any of them over to my students. Click here for the drawings folder and click not now if you don’t have an account, you can still see the drawings

Stay in touch.