Do try this at home!

As you may know many yogis chant the ‘om’ sounding a-u-m, at the beginning of a class.  It’s thought that chanting the om is a great way to calm the nerves and slow the breathing, however many teachers do not start the class in this way, so do try this at home:

I found this web site where you can ‘Do as one’ chant the om simultaneously with people from around the world chanting at the same time! Its great, practice at home to feel and hear the sound and loose those inhibitions!

Click here to chant the om with people around the world.

Yoga Bear practising upavistha konasana

Who could resist this beautiful bear practising a 15 minute stretching yoga sequence including upavistha konasana and variations.

The bear pictured at a Finnish zoo woke from a nap to stretch and balance effortly on her seat bones.

A lesson to us all!

Yoga Bear article

Can you patent yoga postures..

In the news today it has been reported that the Indian Government are planning to patent nearly 1000 yoga asanas, or postures, listen to the debate here on what this would mean for yoga teachers and institutions alike……

Can you patent yoga postures

Ryan Giggs prefers yoga to parties

Here is a link to an interesting article involving Ryan Giggs who is a well known Iyengar yoga fan


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