In person workshop at MDIY for students with ME! 16th July 2022

If you have never attended a workshop before or are worried about whether you can survive a 2.5 hour workshop then this is the one for you. We know starting to attend workshops can be a daunting prospect so we have put one on just for you.  No teachers will be attending it is all just for you, the yoga student.  And who better to teach it than me! 

The most important thing for me is that you enjoy your yoga practice.  If you enjoy it, you will stick with it. If you stick with it, a whole world awaits you.  

So don’t be afraid to sign up for a workshop, it is just a longer class, you can ask questions, we can explore, we can do whatever you want.  We can even have a cuppa at the end. If we’re lucky we can sit in the garden! BOOK BELOW.  £25 for MDIY members, £30 for non members.  All welcome!

About claret
I am enthusiastic about teaching others the amazing benefits of Iyengar yoga and how it becomes more than just a physical exercise.